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3 Benefits of Fire Extinguishers

The Top 3 Benefits of Fire Extinguishers

1. Keeping Fires Under Control

Two European studies conducted in 2002 reviewed over 4,500 fire incidents and found fire extinguishers can be extremely effective in stopping flames before they grow out of control. Both studies found fire extinguishers were able to stop the fire in over 80% of recorded incidents, while also noting many others that are extinguished in this manner are never reported to the fire department in the first place.

2. Saving Lives

When the effectiveness of fire extinguishers is put in context of overall fire statistics, it becomes clear how much of a difference these tools can make. According to the NFPA, there were 15,700 injuries and 3,280 deaths as a result of property fires in the United States in 2015. These occurred as the result of over 1.3 million reported fires. When a fire extinguisher is able to confine the spread of a fire, it can literally save lives, especially in places with lots of people, like hotels and schools.

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3. Protecting the Environment

Uncontrolled fires can also have a harmful effect on the environment by releasing carbon and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. By extinguishing the blaze early on, fire extinguishers help minimize the spread of pollutants while also saving the water firefighters would otherwise use to extinguish the blaze.

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